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Impinj Solidifies Market Leadership With Introduction of Indy R2000 Reader Chip

Leading UHF Gen 2 RFID technology provider Impinj, Inc. announced the introduction of the Indy R2000 reader chip, which allows customers to deliver and deploy world-class RFID systems for the high-end reader segment. Based on the groundbreaking Indy R1000, this next-generation reader chip exploits the superior performance, versatility and high integration inherent to Impinj's Indy architecture.

The Indy R2000 reader chip features carrier cancellation technology (the ability to mute the echo of a reader's own transmitted signal when listening for tags), thus providing unmatched read accuracy, reliability and range. This innovative feature enables reader manufacturers to develop products for challenging RF environments, for difficult-to-read items and for item-level tagging and near-field applications. The Indy R2000 chip also allows for worldwide operation.

The Indy product family's core technology and enabling tools give customers the building blocks to efficiently develop a suite of reader products and to benefit end-users who deploy and manage diverse readers across their enterprises. Reader manufacturers now have a choice of Indy reader chips spanning a range of performance and price-points to address the unique demands of the evolving UHF RFID market.

"When it came to selecting a reader chip for our new fixed reader, the FX7400, Indy R2000 was the obvious choice," says Alan Melling, senior director, RFID product management at Motorola. "The R2000 had the high-performance, low power consumption, and design support tools that we needed. Impinj produced a world-class reader chip and their support has been fantastic."

"The addition of the R2000 to our reader chip product line expands the reach of Indy-based readers with innovative features, increased performance and added flexibility," says Kerry Krause, vice president of marketing at Impinj. "At Impinj, we focus on delivering products that accelerate RFID's widespread adoption, with end-users reaping the benefits."

The Indy R2000 reader chip is available now.


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