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RFID UHF Read/Write Head F190 from Pepperl+Fuchs Now Also Available for America and Asia

RFID UHF Read/Write Head F190 from Pepperl+Fuchs Now Also Available for America and AsiaFollowing the launch of the F190 read/write head in the European market, Pepperl+Fuchs is releasing another read/write head in the F190 Series to tap into the American and Asian markets. This solution enables companies active on a global scale to equip their processes around the world using just a single series of UHF read/write heads. System integration is made much easier as a result, guaranteeing a simple and flexible process.

As a result of their technical differences, UHF read/write heads offer an increased detection range compared to LF and HF read/write systems. However, the reading and writing of tags in the far field of the antenna can result in interference and excessive detection ranges, which may have a negative impact on the read and/or write rate. To ensure that the necessary operational reliability is achieved, the read/write heads in the F190 Series boast special features. For example, all read/write heads are equipped with a "PowerSweep" option. When this option is activated, the read/write head automatically scans up to ten prespecified power settings for each instance of tag access. This limits the transmission power for the application to the minimum level required, reducing interference. Despite the device's small size, there is no negative impact on its high bandwidth. The F190 for the American and Asian market features a dual-polarized antenna, making it possible to switch between circular and linear horizontal polarization and vertical polarization. Thus, users have the additional option of optimizing the F190 for its given application and increasing the read rate, without having to replace or rotate hardware.

The compact and robust F190 UHF read/write head from Pepperl+FuchsThe F190 Series currently consists of two read/write heads. In European countries and in India, the F190 operates at frequencies between 865 MHz and 868 MHz. A version of the product is now available for use in Asian and American countries, with a corresponding frequency range of between 902 MHz and 928 MHz. To comply with the radio regulations that apply in the individual countries, the two read/write heads feature specific default settings for different countries that allow the user to operate and program the read/write head in a flexible, simple, and clear manner.

The second read/write head in the F190 Series presents global companies and their suppliers with the option of using UHF technology from Pepperl+Fuchs worldwide. The F190 Series is specifically designed for applications in production technology and intralogistics where the reading distance offered by LF and HF systems is not sufficient for the installation location in question. The compact housing featured on the UHF read/write head, which measures just 11 cm x 11 cm, allows the device to be easily integrated into tight spaces. Furthermore, its stable metal housing and encapsulated electronics ensure it is particularly robust when used in adverse ambient conditions, a feature that is further proven by the connection via M12 plug, which is suitable for industrial use, and the high degree of IP67 protection. The device can read out up to 40 tags simultaneously, providing the ideal conditions for making substantial reductions in processing times in fields such as factory automation, intralogistics, and the automotive industry.

Highlights of the RFID UHF-Read-/ Write Head F190:

- Most flexible UHF Read/Write head for midrange distances and worldwide deployment
- Ready-made modules for an easy and fast integration
- Compact and rouged housing for deployment in rough industrial environments
- Switchable antenna polarisation ensures reliable RFID transponder identification and secure process operation
- Reads up to 40 tags at the same time for increased productivity

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