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Moods of Norway to roll-out RFID solution in brand stores

Moods of Norway to roll-out RFID solution in brand stores (Credits:  Karine Hildonen Henriksen)According to Moods of Norway RFID leads to 98+% stock accuracy within four weeks

Based on the positive results in two stores, Moods of Norway decided to roll out Nedap’s RFID solution for fast stock taking in 14 of their brand stores. In the two test stores, the expanding Scandinavian fashion brand, known for its colorful, high-quality designs, quickly improved the in-store stock accuracy to over 98% using RFID.

Higher stock accuracy
  For Moods of Norway, the main driver to implement RFID in their stores is to gain full control over the merchandise from their arrival at the store until the goods leave the store. Major defined goals of the RFID roll-out are a significantly higher stock accuracy, more streamlined internal processes and an improved in-store replenishment process, resulting  in a better customer service level.

Prevention of out-of-stocks and overstocks
  In close cooperation with Nedap’s local partner Infratek, Moods of Norway launched the RFID solution at the start of 2014. The first result within four weeks was a significant improvement of the in-store stock accuracy of selected product categories to over 98%. Additionally, the RFID-tagged product categories performed significantly better in the pilot stores than in the other stores. To achieve this, Moods of Norway attached RFID tags to the products in the distribution center. In the stores, the employees frequently took  inventory in the stores by using the !D Hand, Nedap’s advanced RFID handheld reader. The result is that all differences between the ERP stock and the actual stock can be corrected, whereby out-of-stocks as well as overstocks are prevented.

Hans Petter Hübert, Supply Chain Manager at Moods of Norway, explains: “Around 70% of our retail revenue is generated from replenished items. Therefore, having a high accuracy on inventory data is crucial to ensure product availability. It is not enough to know that the products are in the store. We have to be sure they are on the shelf as well – RFID provides the necessary foundation to give the store employees the tools to achieve this. Another positive effect we’ve seen in our pilot is that the store as a whole performs better. It seems like RFID has a positive impact on the general performance.”

Benefits: More sales with less stock
  Based on the positive results, Moods of Norway decided to use the Nedap solution in 14 of their brand stores before the end of 2014 and start with source tagging at the production. Starting with the upcoming autumn/winter collection, all suits, shirts and pants will arrive RFID-labeled, resulting in offer time and cost savings in the distribution center as well as an increase of the speed-to-shelf.

”With RFID, retailers gain a deep insight into their real stock levels. To achieve this, we are currently working with the team at Moods of Norway to make them fully benefit from RFID. In short, we want to enable Moods of Norway to sell more with less stock and thereby accelerate their growth,” says Elles te Boome-Harbers, Sales Business Developer at Nedap.

About Moods of Norway
Moods of Norway, headquartered in Stryn (Norway), is a growing high-end fashion brand for men and women. Since the launch of the first collection in 2003, 14 brand stores have been opened in Norway. The company sports the slogan "Happy Clothes for Happy People.", which is reflected in the fun and colorful designs. In 2012 and 2014, the brand was selected as the official designer for the Norwegian Olympic team uniforms in London and Sochi.

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