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New Embedded UHF RFID Modules for various applications available

idtronic-embedded-uhf-rfid-moduleEmbedded RFID readers in the ultra-high frequency range have been revolutionizing the RFID market over the last ten years. However, apart from the benefits, UHF readers have a number of technical challenges such as integration time and cost for a RFID projects. A new generation of embedded UHF RFID modules has been introduced by iDTRONIC to overcome those challenges.

iDTRONIC’s next-generation embedded UHF RFID module family is designed to be used in a wide range of applications and offer exceptionally small size and powerful performance. The Austrian Microsystem chip based UHF embedded modules increase efficiency, reduce development cost and offer time to market advantages.

“It was a busy time over the last two years to develop the UHF module series and included many difficulties. However, the opportunity to embed high-performance, low cost RFID technology into many different types of products and solutions was our goal. Apart from the project costs, efforts for maintenance, troubleshooting and downtimes played an important role in our considerations. Now we can offer products with extremely high performance, power efficiency, small form factors and adaptive antenna tuning. I believe this will help our customers to benefit from form factor and performance advantages, optimized and standards-compliant embedded UHF RFID modules to a great number of their products and applications.“ said Roger Kochendoerfer, CEO of iDTRONIC.

There are three different modules available. Differentiating them in size and power, they range from 20dBm up to 30dBm power output. Power setting can be remotely set with software commands from as low as 10dBm up to 30dBm in 1dBm steps for the high end module. All modules are available with TTL or RS232 interfaces and support 2 I/O’s for connecting different signals such as LED’s.

The smallest version, called M800, works at 20dBm and supports 1 antenna output. With its power consumption of 340 mA and its size 38 x 31mm, it is perfect for applications with a small reading range and where the focus lies on the price tag.

M900 modules support reading ranges of up to 5.5 meters / 18 feet at a power output of 27dBm. The small size with its single antenna output offers the perfect solution for mobile applications.

iDTRONIC’s high end module M950 offers 4 multiplexed antenna outputs. It offers up to 10 meters / 33 feet of reading range with a power output of up to 30dBm. Dimensions are 66 x 45mm, this small module will enable the customer to build custom gates for logistical applications or starting/finishing lines for sport events.
Each module supports Demo and Setup tools for the well-known BLUEBOX SDK, and Windows based operating systems starting from XP up to Windows 8. Customer based developments and integrations will be supported by C#, C++ and a serial command protocol. 

For newcomers to RFID, iDTRONIC offers its extensive UHF Developer Kits that include all necessary Hard- and Software. Each Kit is designed to be easy to use out of the box and lower the barriers to develop and include RFID applications as much as possible.

All in all with the goal of bringing down the barriers for deploying RFID technology as low as possible, iDTRONIC’s new embedded UHF RFID modules offer a perfect starting point to build new products and applications.

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