Healthier adults with less anxiety if diet and exercise are taken care of in childhood

According to new research from UC Riverside in mice, exercise and healthy eating in childhood lead adults to larger brains and lower anxiety levels.

This study is the first to examine the combined and lasting effects of the two factors when experienced early in life.

Long-term exercise and diet

To conduct the study, the researchers divided the young mice into four groups: those who have access to exercise, those who don’t, those who follow a normal and healthy diet, and those who follow a diet. western.

Researchers have determined that exercise early in life generally reduces anxiety behaviors in adults. It has also led to an increase in muscle and brain mass in adults. When fed “Western” style diets high in fat and sugar, the mice not only gained weight, but also grew into adults who preferred unhealthy foods.

Previously, the research team found that eating too much fat and sugar in childhood can disrupt the microbiome for life, even if they eat healthier later. In other words, improving health in the first years of life is extremely important.

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