a folding smartphone with two hinges?

Samsung relies heavily on foldable smartphones. And every year the manufacturer offers a new improvement to this new line of Galaxy smartphones. For example, in 2020 the manufacturer offered more durable screens thanks to a new material called UTG, or ultra-thin glass.

And while Samsung’s 2021 folding smartphones have not yet been released, rumors are already circulating about the start of … 2022. In an article published this week, the Android Authority website releases news from Gizmochina about a future folding smartphone by the name of it Galaxy Z Fold Tab next.

This model would be released in the first quarter of next year and its peculiarity would be that the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, thanks to two hinges, could not be folded like the other models on the market, but two. In addition to this feature, the device would also support Samsung’s S Pen stylus and have a screen protected by ultra-thin glass (UTG).

At the moment, of course, this is just a rumor, so caution is advised. However, since more and more smartphone manufacturers are offering folding models, it would make sense for Samsung to look for new ways of differentiating itself in order to position itself as an innovative brand in this area.

This year Xiaomi finally launched its first foldable smartphone, the design of which is very similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. And according to some sources, Oppo and Google should also unveil their first foldable screen smartphones this year.

On the other hand, Samsung Display has already expressed interest in this type of design (screens that fold into three parts). In November, the Korean Samsung Display blog published some drawings showing the company’s ideas for using flexible displays. And among these designs there was a model with a screen that folds into three parts.

In the meantime, the models are expected to be presented in July 2021.

Normally, Samsung should introduce its new foldable smartphones for 2021. In fact, the manufacturer seems to want to reserve its January event for the Galaxy S21 in order to give this rival iPhone 12 maximum visibility.

And according to unofficial sources, Samsung will unveil its next foldable smartphones at an event in July. The two models that Samsung will introduce would be the successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip.

However, the manufacturer is also expected to unveil a cheaper model in late 2020, as suggested by TM Roh, the head of the mobile division. In a blog post, he wrote: “True to our legacy of staying one step ahead with the latest mobile technology, we will expand our portfolio of foldable products to make this revolutionary category more accessible to all.” “

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