Apple Fitness + adds new workouts for pregnant women and seniors

In late 2020, Apple officially launched its sports programming service called Fitness +. For $ 9.99 / month (or $ 79.99 per year), Apple Fitness + offers access to many interactive fitness exercises. Although this service is not yet available in France, Apple is continuing to improve it for users who are already lucky enough to use it.

While many health interventions still encourage tens of millions of people to stay home as much as possible, it is important to resume good habits. Like work and leisure, sport must also find a place in the home. In light of this increasing demand, Apple is focusing more on Fitness + and has just launched new workouts.

Apple wants to meet all profiles

With the goal of complete inclusivity, Apple tries to think of everyone when developing its training programs. The new version of Fitness + now offers sessions for pregnant women, but also for the elderly. Apple also introduces workouts for beginners or people who decide to return to the sport after a long break.

Jay Blahnik, responsible for developing Fitness +, said in a recent statement, “We hope that more people will be inspired to stay active and healthy during pregnancy, as well as at all ages and fitness levels, moving with our great team passionate trainer ”. Apple Fitness + appears to be an increasingly complete solution, already offering a wide variety of workouts: HIIT, yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill, and weight training. For users who can use this service, Fitness + is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and of course on the Apple Watch.

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