Deliveroo’s very good results may not last

At first glance, Deliveroo has a lot to offer. The British delivery platform has just announced very good figures for the first quarter. 71 million orders were registered, twice as many as in the same period last year.

However, the company prefers to remain cautious. Quoted by CNBC, she even warns that it is difficult to say at what level actions taken in the context of the health crisis will help drive results: “The company continues to operate in an uncertain environment, given the moment and the impact Nothing is known of the lifting of restrictions that will take place in the coming weeks and months. “

Investors are worried about the status of the deliverers

However, the platform prefers to be clear on this: “Deliveroo expects the rate of growth to slow as lockdowns ease, but the extent of the delay remains uncertain. “”

It didn’t take some panic any longer on the London Stock Exchange, where the stock fell 3.8% on Thursday and closed at £ 2.60. When asked about these somewhat disappointing results, the company wanted to reassure them, saying it “is only just beginning its life as a publicly traded company”. It is confident that it can deliver good returns to its shareholders over the long term.

As a reminder, Deliveroo’s IPO was quite complicated last March, and its stock fell 26% at the end of the first session. Investors seem quite concerned about the status of the delivery people. There is actually a real turnaround in Europe.

In Spain in particular, a wage employment presumption is applied to the latter, which could ultimately force companies to provide them with wages and benefits. Companies now have less than three months to apply this new regulation. There is no doubt that Deliveroo shareholders will be following these developments very closely.

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