Fans are still demanding that the eighth season be remade

It would almost become a ritornello that one expects almost every year. But it must be said that this time around the news lends itself greatly to that. A few days ago, HBO initiated a special event, “Iron Aniversary”, to mark the ten years of the Game of Thrones series. This Saturday, April 17th, the “celebrations” will take place, which have already been the subject of numerous advertising measures on social networks. On a dedicated website, you can discover behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with the actors, or even trailers. But sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, especially because of this damn eighth season.

Game of Thrones fans still can’t forgive

We rewind. We are in April 2019. April 14th exactly. All over the world, fans are impatient in front of their screens to finally discover the first episode of this eighth season. Only six are on the program, but they are much longer. It’s very simple, they were sold to us back then, almost like films. But as the weeks go by, fans will be disaffected. The result is far from being there. Where we were hoping to see Jon, Daenerys and the others go in style, it feels like we have the right to say goodbye quickly, almost sloppily from the directors. It’s simple, the disappointment is so great that even some actors feel blurry.

Petitions and digital mobilization won’t change anything. Starting this season on an astronomical budget is out of the question for HBO. The broadcaster prefers to look to the future. We now know that several derivative series are in the works with George RR Martin. But some fans don’t see it that way. As the CBR site notes, a single tweet from HBO “Winter is Coming” sparked a flurry of reactions and comments.

Winter is coming.

– Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) April 14, 2021

Three words that were enough to trigger a lot of criticism from Net surfers who stated that they are not “finished” yet or that they insist that the bugs of the eighth season be fixed. Some don’t hesitate to apologize.

If HBO wants me to watch a Game Of Thrones spin-off, I would like to personally apologize for Season 8. 12-point font, double spacing, no fun business on the side

– Astead (@AsteadWesley) April 14, 2021

Other internet users prefer to poke fun at Benioff and Weiss who wanted to turn the page of Game of Thrones to make a Star Wars movie that ultimately never saw the light of day.

Ruined season by speeding it up without character development. All for the chance to write a Star Wars movie that was torn because Season 8 was a disaster.

– Lonely Indiana Democrat (@RdSull) April 14, 2021

For some fans, HBO might also rival the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Why not follow the same logic for season 8 since the movie has been remade?

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