Ford’s response to the Tesla autopilot was a marked improvement

The widely criticized Tesla autopilot is still one of the most important technologies available on the market today that can give the public a semblance of autonomous driving. I’m giving “an appearance” because with autopilot, contrary to its name, you no longer need a human driver. Often times, when you engage the autopilot while driving a Tesla, you will be asked to put your hands on the steering wheel to confirm your presence behind the wheel.

Ford introduces its competitor Tesla autopilot and lets you go

Frequent touches of the steering wheel can affect the autonomous driving experience, and Ford understands this perfectly. The American manufacturer is today introducing a semi-autonomous driving technology that no longer requires hands to follow the driver’s eyes. In a statement, Ford said without pressure, “Bluecruise is level 2 driving assistance, similar to Tesla’s autopilot, but with the advantage of providing a true hands-free experience.”

How Tesla intends to democratize its autopilot next year

As you have probably noticed, the historic manufacturer seems particularly convinced of this technology, so it does not hesitate to quote its direct competitor in the press release. In a future update, the Ford Mustang Mach-e will be able to use this new driving mode. However, Ford is very clear on one crucial point. The Bluecruise mode cannot be used anywhere. Only a few sections of well-defined roads can activate this semi-autonomous driving mode.

Obviously, these stretches of road will be in the United States and Canada first. It will therefore be necessary to be very patient for Bluecruise to be available from anywhere in North America, and even more so for this update to be deployed in Europe.

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