The director dreams of an unlikely crossover

The Fast and Furious saga has already exceeded the boundaries of the unimaginable in the aftermath. What was a simple movie that was a little “supervised” has turned into a franchise that can bring in a sub and give us explosion scenes that Michael Bay wouldn’t deny. Under the motto of the Olympic Games “faster, higher, stronger”, the program with Vin Diesel now takes us into space for an episode 9 that is increasingly charged, if we are to believe the recently revealed teaser. And so much to say that Justin Lin, the director, already has a little idea behind his head for the sequel.

Fast and furious in front of the dinosaurs?

In theory, after this game there are still two games left to end the saga. The goal announced by the Vin Diesel team is to offer an increasingly explosive finale. We also know that spin-offs are also in the pipeline. On the one hand we have the sequel to Hobbs & Shaw, on the other hand a 100% feminine edition that has yet to be specified.

But until then, we’re still wondering what the final frontier will be for Don’s team. What direction does he have to take after space for his famous Dodge Charger? Well, Justin Lin, who directed some of the saga’s episodes, shared a surprising idea. And in all honesty, we don’t really know if this is a joke or something very serious. When asked by Collider, he reveals the idea of ​​doing a crossover with Jurassic World.

I never say never “. Part of our philosophy is never to be wrapped or labeled. That’s all I will say.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, who portrays Letty on screen, says she is “totally ready”. “Once you’ve reached a certain climax, all you have to do is cross the franchise and merge,” continues the actress.

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