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Enable companies to meet the best talent to provide service. This, in a nutshell, is the mission that the Fiverr platform has set itself since its inception in 2010. The service confirms this immediately and intends to respond optimally to future trends in the world of work. This change in the way we work together is based on the principle of the perfect “match” between the specific needs of a company and a talented freelancer.

Fiverr can therefore rely on the breadth and depth of its service offering. Digital marketing, SEO copywritting, web concept (website, model, etc.), graphics (logo, brand identity) or even 3D animations are areas of expertise that are very well represented on the platform. Simplicity is also important in a shopping experience that relies on sobriety: one click and you’re done. Finally, the freelancers are selected by Fiverr, which adapts to its clients’ budgets.

Discover Fiverr

For simplicity, choose Fiverr

Finding the right freelancer can sometimes be very time consuming for a company. Indeed, it is necessary to take the time to choose the right person, negotiate, and build a relationship of trust over time. Fiverr makes these various steps much easier. Once you have registered, you can be connected to the 240,000 active freelancers on the platform.

You save a lot of time by choosing the different service offers according to your requirements. It is therefore possible to simply sort according to the expertise, language and budget that you want to use for it.

The variety and breadth of the services offered is also impressive. To name just the most important: graphics, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, programming, SEO … a total of more than 300 different categories are listed. Enough to meet the needs of the 3.4 million registered buyers on the site, 85% of whom are SMEs.

For each of your goals, you are spoiled for choice. There are, in fact, several ways to approach a mission and you can determine which one suits you best.

Why is Fiverr Growing Your Business?

It is interesting to talk about what Fiverr can do for your business, but those who have tested it explain it best. Björn Beam is the founder and CEO of Security Squad, a Madrid-based platform that trains young people on cybersecurity issues by focusing on video games in particular. In the midst of a health crisis, he trusted the ministry to continue its operations and today is delighted:

Thanks to Fiverr and in Madrid, I was able to interact with game developers from Russia and New Zealand. The walls enclose us, but our creativity and connectivity set us free.

Same story with Kay Kim and Olivia Claparols who run an e-commerce business. They like the fact that “Fiverr has freelancers all over the world. This is great because it gives you access to a very large talent pool. The great thing is that while you sleep, jet lag allows someone to work for you. “”

A platform for professionals

The platform is not just a simple marketplace, it is available in various formulas. Thus, Fiverr Standard offers a wide range and a variety of prices. No hourly rates here, but pricing according to the project and the tasks performed.

Fiverr Pro provides access to offers from talent selected for their recognized and recognized expertise. It is therefore a high quality promise made because every freelancer has been vetted to meet your expectations. Only 1% of candidates manage to achieve this status, which confirms the seriousness of this procedure.

After all, Fiver Business is intended for companies that want to expand the platform even further. In addition to having access to the catalog of verified freelancers, companies also have tools that make collaboration, personalized management and payment methods easier.

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