The NES game is complete … in 4 minutes and 54 seconds!

Some players have been practicing “speedrun” for several years. A discipline that consists of finishing a video game as quickly as possible, “at any cost,” as some would say. Understand that players are allowed to use bugs and other programming problems to get to the end of the game as quickly as possible.

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New speed record for Super Mario Bros.

You may have recently picked up a dose of Super Mario Bros and played it on the little Game & Watch that Nintendo launched a few months ago. This founding work of the Mario saga is being talked about again today by Niftski, a speedrunner who has just won the new speed record. The latter actually managed to finish the Nintendo game in just 4 minutes and 54 seconds (and 848 thousandths).

Quite a phenomenal feat that allows Niftski to drop the stopwatch below 4 minutes and 55 seconds, a time that has been considered “impossible” by many players. Indeed, emulation tools make it possible to simulate a “perfect” game. Under these conditions, Super Mario Bros. farts in 4 minutes, 54 seconds and 282 hundredths. A theoretical record as it requires absolute surgical precision.

The recent record set by Niftski therefore deserves respect in the speedrun scene, with the latter breaking the previous record which was just over 4 minutes and 55 seconds.

For the recording, you should know that Niftski doesn’t use a good old NES hooked up to a Sony Trinitron TV of the time and a rectangular two button controller to achieve this recording. To carry out his run, the speedrunner played on an emulated version of Super Mario Bros with a keyboard. So you know what to do this weekend, on your good old NES or on your little NES Mini …

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