You know, Airbnb has noise detectors for their guests

While France has been thrown into a third detention center since April 3, one phenomenon seems to be growing: the so-called “secret” parties. It took more than a year for the authorities to seriously address this issue. In the past few weeks, the term “underground party” has become so ubiquitous in the media that Airbnb has heard this illegal concept.

Airbnb in the fight against civilization

While the famous rental platform has been badly affected by this health crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has decided to help its hosts identify suspicious behavior from tenants as soon as possible.

Organizing a secret party at an Airbnb is more discreet than organizing it at home, at least that’s what the most gullible think. The San Francisco-based company has just announced the establishment of financial assistance for its guests in connection with the purchase of noise detectors.

This subsidy concerns a very specific product sold by the Minut company. However, if Airbnb has not currently disclosed the amount of financial support given to the “super hosts” for this purchase, we do know that this noise detector costs 150 euros and the company claims it does not save every audio recording.

Obviously, it is imperative that the owners notify the tenants of the presence of such a device.

Noise detector

In a recent press release, Airbnb stated, “For super hosts who are worried about the holidays, we’re offering discounts on the purchase of Minut branded sound detection devices. These detectors alert you when a previously configured decibel level is reached. “

“Through research and feedback from our host community, we have found that this technology helps prevent parties and anticipates problems while respecting privacy. These devices do not record anything other than the actual noise level. “

Since August 2020, Airbnb has reportedly blocked nearly 300,000 reservations in France on suspicion of organizing illegal parties.

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