A chaotic situation for the development of the next Call of Duty?

Expected for the end of the year, the next Call of Duty (code name Vanguard) seems to be suffering from a very complicated development that does not send a good sign. Two sources, generally well informed about Activision’s license, were able to provide information that is at least worrying.

Call of Duty Vanguard: “A bloody disaster”

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The first warning was issued on the Black Ops Cold War Newz Twitter account (a strong Call of Duty community). Apparently the development times for the new plant would have been drastically reduced, which would have led to quite a chaos in the project.

RUMOR: Bad news … # COD2021 (WW2 Vanguard) was reportedly brought forward a year (it was a year less in development). That is, it can be as rushed as, if not more, rushed than the Cold War.

Good news: This means Infinity Ward has a lot more time to create # COD2022 (MW19 II). pic.twitter.com/arRbfYHJ8l

– Black Ops Cold War Newz @ (@WarzoneNewz) April 9, 2021

Rumors: Bad News …
# COD2021 (WW2 Vanguard) would have been brought forward a year (it had a year less in development). This means that development may be as fast, if not faster, than the COD Black Ops: Cold War.

Good news: This means Infinity Ward has a lot more time to spend # COD2022 (MW19 II).

For the development of the previous opus (Black Ops Cold War) the project Sledgehammer Games was entrusted. But after a few months of development, the game passed into Treyarch’s hands due to difficulties. For Call of Duty 2021, sledgehammer games are again in the driver’s seat. And of course it’s still just as complicated.

According to Tom Henderson, a renowned licensing insider, the situation would be catastrophic.

Avant-garde … Simply put, it’s a bloody disaster.

But more on that later. https://t.co/YBgK69IPh6

– Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) April 7, 2021

Avant-garde … To put it simply, it’s a bloody disaster.
But more on that later.

Quite worrying statements, but to be taken with a grain of salt while waiting for the first information about the new Call of Duty. If these rumors turn out to be true, there is definitely cause for concern for Activision’s next title, especially this year.

Indeed, the end of 2021 will mark the great return of the eternal rival: Battlefield. The game seems to be doing pretty well and Electronic Arts is pretty confident. The game is expected to be released next month and will be released this fall. Regarding Call of Duty, it should be announced for a fall release this spring as well. The war promises to be tough …

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