A coalition of SMEs wants to strengthen antitrust law against GAFA

“Every day we are losing more small businesses to the abusive and anti-competitive tactics used by Amazon and other monopolies. In a statement, the Small Business Rising coalition doesn’t hesitate to reach out to the e-commerce giant directly. This union, which was launched last week, brings together around twenty independent trade organizations represented in nearly 60,000 American companies.

A platform to be heard

As The Hill noted, these companies specifically target Amazon, which is the first to be accused. Stacy Mitchell, director of the Local Self-Reliance Institute, an organization participating in the operation, quoted the American media as saying: “This campaign provides American entrepreneurs with a platform to stand up and call on policymakers to take control of monopoly power and revitalize antitrust laws. “”

The coalition therefore urges Congress members to regulate as soon as possible and, if necessary, to cut down large technology companies. Antitrust law is therefore the preferred instrument for these signatories.

The charges against him sparked reactions from Jeff Bezos’ company. A company spokesman stated:

Selfish critics are pushing for misguided interventions in the free market that would kill independent retailers and punish consumers. (…) Amazon and third-party sellers complement each other. (…) The competition benefits consumers, but also third-party sellers.

The appeal of these small businesses should, however, be echoed in Congress, where several MPs have already expressed their intention to legislate in this area. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar suggests that if a company with a dominant position is to acquire a competitor, it must demonstrate that the deal is not aimed at “reducing competition significantly”.

The former presidential candidate also wants to bolster the budget of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission to advance their investigation.

Eventually, Representative David Cicilline is preparing to file numerous bills to thwart GAFA’s influence, which “have literally billions and billions of reasons to try to protect the current system”.

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