It took nearly 14 years for this feature to land on Amazon Kindle …

The range of Kindle e-readers launched by Amazon in late 2007 has evolved over time. However, since the line was launched, many users have requested a very special feature from the American giant that always has a deaf ear. Til today ! Indeed, the new update for Kindle e-readers (finally !!) brings this coveted feature.

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A feature that has been used by users for 13 years!

Indeed, those who update their Amazon Kindle e-readers will be in a good surprise to find something new on the Settings page. Indeed, if you take a quick look at the options, you might discover a new feature called “Show Cover” (or “Show Cover in English”). The latter enables the tablet to automatically display the cover of the book, comic or magazine you have just read in standby mode.

A very simple option that is almost obvious to many users but was sorely lacking in the Amazon e-reader. We’ll probably never know why it took more than 13 years to implement this feature … but at least it’s available today.

Note, however, that this new “Show Cover” option is not available on all Kindle models. Amazon states that only the 8th and 10th generation models will be affected, as will the Kindle Paperwhite (7th and 10th) and Kindle Oasis (8th, 9th and 10th), not to mention the Kindle 7th generation Voyage model. As an aside, please note that Kindle models that contain advertising are not affected by this new functionality.

Finally, Amazon states that the feature is compatible with most books, comics, and other content, but it may still not work for some books.

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