Netflix now has competition on its own land

203.7 million subscribers worldwide. Figures released by Netflix last January confirm the dominance of the streaming platform. Far from achieving it, on the contrary, the health crisis has accelerated its growth while forcing many people to stay at home.

That good news is somewhat tarnished by data from a study by analysts at Ampere Analysis in the United States. This shows a real decline in the market share of the streaming service to 20% compared to 29% in the previous year, which corresponds to a decrease of 31%. With 67 million subscribers, the platform remains dominant, but real competition is emerging.

Netflix remains very popular

The same goes for its rival Amazon Prime, which controlled 21% of the market in 2019 and weighs only 16% (-24% in a year), for 54 million customers.

The real winners of 2020 are on the side of newcomers HBO Max and Disney, who have total market shares of 12% and 11% respectively. Hulu, also owned by Disney, makes up 13% of the industry. After all, Apple TV + and Peacock each make up 5%.

For the sequel, Toby Holleran, Research Director at Ampere Analysis, told TheWrap that he expects Disney + to become the third largest streaming platform in the US this year.

However, that data is not in a position to shake Netflix, whose popularity with Uncle Sam is undiminished. According to a recent poll of Americans, 73% of respondents believe the service has the most interesting movie catalog.

However, some observers are less optimistic. Investor Daniel Seth Loeb proposed Disney + a plan that would be enough to overtake Netflix “in just a few years”. He also recommends the entertainment industry giant to stream his films directly. By building on its hugely popular franchises and heavily reinvesting in content, the service could outsmart its rival.

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