Twitch continues to panic in 2021

2020 was undoubtedly the year of all records for streaming video games. The situation is the same every time, and the platforms took advantage of this special moment when many people were forced to stay at home. As some regions of the world regain some of their freedom, the trend for services remains very favorable. So live streaming is not a passing phenomenon, but seems to take hold over time.

72.3% of the hours of live streaming were viewed on Twitch

According to a study that Streamlabs carried out in collaboration with Stream Hatch, Twitch viewers watched 6.3 billion hours in the first quarter, almost twice as many as last year: 3.1 billion hours. Overall, Amazon’s platform has grown steadily and continued into the first three months of the year. It therefore remains extremely dominant in the live streaming market, accounting for 72.3% of the sector.

In addition to video games, which remain the main target, the “Chat only” section, where streamers can chat with their followers, is also very successful. In France, journalist Samuel Etienne did exactly the job of promoting the streaming service to the public by welcoming political leaders to interview them live.

Competing platforms are not left out, starting with YouTube Gaming. Airtime increased to 1.34 billion in the first quarter. The viewers particularly praised the streamer Valkyrae, who signed an exclusivity agreement. In total, its live streams have been viewed for over 12.2 million hours.

Facebook Gaming is lagging behind at 1.06 billion, but its growth is still higher in 2020 and the first three months of the year. The service is based in large part on the success of PUBG Mobile, the most watched category: 144 million hours per quarter.

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