What are the 100 most visited websites in France?

Containments, teleworking, the rise of e-commerce, or even the explosion of streaming – the health crisis has exacerbated certain phenomena that are already at work and changed the behavior of many French people. To see this more clearly, Semrush listed the 100 most visited websites in March. This balance of power between the various actors enables us to make a comparison with the data observed at the beginning of the pandemic.

Top 10 websites in France for March 2021. © Semrush

First of all, we can see that the giants of the web continue to dominate this market very much, like Google and YouTube. The visits to the search engine are roughly at the level of the previous year: around 2.2 billion. On the flip side, those of the video platform are literally exploding to 919.9 million from just 549.5 million in March 2020.

Netflix and Twitch, big winners from the health crisis

There is also some stagnation on the Facebook page. The social network is still in second place in the ranking with 665.7 million visits, but it is hardly better than in the same period of the previous year: 661.6 million. Instagram is doing slightly better with monthly traffic of 105.4 million when it hit just 89.4 million in the early stages of the pandemic.

Logically, Amazon was also able to achieve good results. Audiences were further empowered by the surge in e-commerce in France: 397.3 million sessions versus 288.9 million at the start of crisis hygiene. Boursorama is doing particularly well with 65.9 million visits. Online banking only had 34.2 million last year.

Another lesson from this study: The very good shape of Netflix, which is the 25th most visited site in France with 85 million visits. For comparison: the streaming service only took 55th place in March 2020 and registered only 36.4 million connections.

Marmiton, the portal for cooking, can also look forward to its progress. In 22nd place, traffic exploded with 95.4 million sessions from just 58.5 million the previous year. We can imagine that the confinement effect contributed a lot to this success.

Finally, Twitch is also the big winner for this month of March. The live streaming platform is now the 29th most visited website in France with a monthly traffic of 77.8 million compared to just 23.7 million last year. The Amazon service has indeed benefited from the arrival of many journalists such as Samuel √Čtienne, who interviews renowned politicians live.

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