Why is this airline banning Vivo smartphones?

Hong Kong Air Cargo, a cargo airline based in Hong Kong, has just made a surprise announcement. This company no longer wants to sell Vivo smartphones. This decision, while surprising, is largely justified. Last weekend, a pallet of Vivo smartphones caught fire and wreaked havoc at Hong Kong Airport. Fortunately, this incident happened on Earth, not in flight. Nobody was injured, but the situation could have been worse.

A pallet full of smartphones ignites on the apron at Hong Kong Airport. It is not known whether the cargo has already arrived or will leave. No injuries were reported. https://t.co/FDtGSh5sxd pic.twitter.com/Y8ftAQ2u0E

– Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@breakingavnews) April 11, 2021

Vivo banned indefinitely

Although the cause of this fire is not yet known, the tragedy caused by this cargo Vivo Y20 and its accessories prompted Hong Kong Air Cargo Company to ban the Chinese manufacturer indefinitely. Vivo, who said, “We discovered that on April 11th, a load of goods, some of which were Vivo products, was burned in the parking lot of Hong Kong International Airport. We paid close attention and immediately put together a dedicated team to work closely with local authorities to determine the cause. “

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At the moment, many rumors point to the lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones. In 2016, Samsung was confronted with similar fires in private households with its Galaxy Note 7 in particular. An investigation has been launched to determine the true cause of this fire. As long as no new elements are introduced, Vivo can no longer rely on Hong Kong Air Cargo transports its smartphones.

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