Why the sports industry should stop attacking pirates

Is the sports industry on the wrong track by putting all illegal streaming consumers in one basket? In any case, this is the result of a fascinating study by the company Synamedia, a provider of video technology. Based on a survey of 6,000 people, analysts have estimated that changing the approach could raise a whopping $ 28 billion.

Change your strategy to convert a lot of customers

The authors therefore believe that the rights holders would have every interest in dividing the customers of pirated sports broadcasts into two categories. The first is made up of people who have no intention of paying for meetings. They represent around 26% of consumers. On the contrary, a second, largely in the majority at 74%, includes sports fans who could be converted into paid offers.

There are a number of criteria that could precisely target legal subscriptions. These prospects are younger, very connected, and often watch their programs far away from television screens. Broadcasters therefore have an interest in offering them applications with which they can view the meetings from their phones or tablets.

The diversification of the sports on offer would also be another benefit to convince them. They tend to be interested in certain niche disciplines.

After all, these potential targets are very sensitive to retransmission reliability. If a program is interrupted along the way, it can lead them to opt for a legal offering that is more secure.

As a reminder, LREM MPs propose a strategy to combat the proliferation of illegal sports programs. The aim is to enable rights holders to block, delete and deactivate streaming sites and IPTV platforms. This system is particularly inspired by a strategy developed in Portugal that has proven itself. If accepted, this project would therefore help to reduce the attractiveness of pirate locations.

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