A study shows the crucial role of social networks

The pandemic is shaking consumer habits. In France, this has led to a boom in electronic commerce in particular. In fact, 2.5 million people ordered online for the first time in their first month of detention. A total of 1.8 billion transactions were recorded during the year: + 5.8% compared to 2019.

However, there are real differences in consumption based on age. This is the case for Generation Z, that is, people aged 13-23 who are messing up the habits of the sector. A recent study by TheInflunencerMarketingFactory in the US offers more insight into the latter.

A market estimated at $ 604 billion in 2027

The authors first made an important observation. Since the health crisis began, 62% of Generation Z members surveyed said they would rather shop online than go to stores physically.

In this regard, social networks play a very large role in your decisions. In particular, they try to get reviews from people who have already tried the product they are trying to buy. 68% of respondents say they have read reviews and suggestions from other Internet users.

Purchases are made directly on the platforms, and the report cites a survey conducted by Kantar which found that 83% of TikTok customers were inspired by content scrolling their application. Note that the service has partnered with Shopify to grow sales.

The figures quoted by the authors give an impression of the impressive growth potential in this market. While the social media distribution sector had sales of around $ 90 billion in 2020, that amount could reach $ 604 billion by 2027. In this regard, the US and China are the driving forces.

Incidentally, the analysis is a little less surprising and shows us that consumers prefer purchases such as clothing and beauty care or even certain technological products.

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