Bouygues Telecom is cutting prices with its Very B & You offer

Bouygues Telecom is very generous this weekend. The range of non-binding cell phone plans has fallen sharply. Whether it’s a 5GB, 100GB, or even 200GB offer, all subscriptions get a compelling discount. Please note that Very B & You’s offer ends on April 21st. Be curious!

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In just a few years, Bouygues Telecom has managed to seduce millions of French people with its B & You range. The latter is characterized by attractive arguments: an exceptional price-performance ratio, contract flexibility (without obligation) or even good customer service. Everything has been designed to provide the best user experience over time.

Which B&B package should I choose?

Bouygues Telecom, on the occasion of its very special Very B & You deal, decided to submit three offers. They all benefit from around 40% discount on their standard tariff. It is therefore a very generous offer, especially since it is long-term. This can save you money in the long term.

The first discounted – and most popular – mobile plan is as follows: Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are included, and you get 5GB of data per month for € 4.99 per month. Usually, for the same price, you have to be satisfied with 1GB. The data difference is big as 5GB is enough for a person to use their smartphone appropriately. 1 GB is a bit more limited.

The intermediate offer of the B & You package is also reduced: Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB cost € 12.99 per month (instead of € 19.99). You save 35% on the cellular plan if you register before April 21st. For those who use their smartphone to watch videos or play games, this is a very good choice.

Our preferred cellular plan for the operator is the one that includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, plus 200GB for € 14.99 per month (instead of € 24.99). Compared to the previous offer, just add € 2 per month to get double the data. With 200 GB you really have peace of mind no matter what you are doing. They’ll hold out for the next decade, even if usage changes.

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Why should you choose Bouygues Telecom?

Bouygues Telecom is a full operator that meets all requirements. In addition to its range of sensation packages with commitment, the French giant also offers mobile subscriptions without customer loyalty. This is exactly the promise of the B & You range that goes into effect on all new entrants.

In terms of value for money, the B&Y cellular plan seems unbeatable this weekend. Nobody can do that with the prices struck out by Bouygues Telecom. You have to take into account all the additional advantages that you benefit as a customer of the operator: a high quality network, industry recognized customer support, 2 months offer for Spotify Premium as well as a wide range of services at favorable price.

If you are a customer of another operator, don’t panic. By subscribing to the B & You cellular plan, you can cancel the offer with your old operator at the same time. All declarations are marked very transparently on the registration form. With Bouygues Telecom, you can switch seamlessly while keeping your phone number.

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