Fancy a foldable smartphone? Samsung offers 8 advantages on its official website

Samsung is one of the pioneers in the foldable screen smartphone market. Today’s range consists of two models, the Z Fold 2 and the Z Flip. The first is a real folding shelf, while the second can be folded vertically with an ultra-compact format.

For this month of April, the brand is offering significant discounts and benefits (8 in total) for the purchase of either model. To discover them, it is here:

See discounts on the Z-fold 2

See the discounts on the Z Flip

Exclusive discounts

The first special offer, valid until April 30th, is a trade-in bonus of € 200 on the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Z Flip. This bonus is exclusively available in the brand’s official store. Depending on the value of your old smartphone, you can save up to 694 euros.

In addition to this discount, you are entitled to 10% of the purchase amount at Samsung Rewards. This pot is intended for customers of the official shop. You can use the collected amount to buy accessories for your Fold 2 or your Flip, for example.

The third benefit of buying a Z Fold 2 or a Z Flip on the Samsung website is Samsung Care + insurance, which is offered to you for a year. The only condition you can take advantage of is adding it to the shopping cart.

Products and services offered

Samsung is only offering a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro with every purchase of one of the two folding smartphones in the range until April 25th. The manufacturer’s star wireless headphones are valued at 229 euros, another big plus.

Another Samsung product that will be offered this time through April 30th is the SmartTag. This tiny bluetooth sensor makes it easy to find your stuff when in the air. So it is a further reduction of 34.90 euros that the manufacturer offers on its official website.

Samsung does not forget the services and is offering 6 months of YouTube Premium and 4 months of Spotify Premium for this special folding smartphone operation.

Are you trying to take it over?

Switching to a foldable smartphone is not a trivial matter. From an investment perspective, the advantages offered by the official website greatly reduce the bill. You also have the option of paying in installments free of charge.

Confident of the technological advantages of its Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Flip, Samsung allows you to try them out for 100 days and return them if you are not satisfied. In this case you will be reimbursed.

As you can see, the brand goes out of its way for their customers and all offers are available through April 30th to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or a Galaxy Z Flip. The only exception is the pair of Galaxy Buds, which will be free with every purchase starting April 25th. So you only have a few days left to enjoy it.

To find all the offers on the official website, please click here:

See the offers on the Sasmung website

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