How do I access the dark web in 3 minutes?

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to encourage our readers to engage in illegal activities over the dark internet. Discover a tutorial on how to access the dark web below. Be sure to stay vigilant and avoid questionable activities.

The dark web has been talking about it for years. It raises both questions and fantasies about what you can find there and how to get there. So that you understand it better and can easily access the dark web (also called the darknet), we have provided you with a small, simple and effective tutorial.

Today, millions of people use the dark web. Access to this hidden face of the internet is available to everyone. While some websites are absolutely commendable, others are a lot less. Hackers don’t hesitate to resell sensitive data on the darknet like hacked data.

How do I get to the dark network?

First of all, you should know that the dark web brings together a network of websites that are not indexed by traditional search engines like Google or Bing. Another point to consider is the fact that the dark web can be accessed through certain web browsers (like the Tor browser we talk about below) that give anonymity to the user.

Be careful though, just because you’re using such a browser doesn’t mean you won’t leave a trace. We recommend that you use a VPN to ensure some security and anonymity while browsing the dark internet. One of the best VPNs out there is none other than ExpressVPN: it offers maximum security and does not keep logs of your data.

There are also CyberGhost and NordVPN, which are known for their anonymity. Even so, ExpressVPN offers a dedicated and specific solution for the dark web. This software runs in the background on your computer and hides your IP address. Nobody will know that you are accessing the dark web. It is mandatory security to become completely anonymous.

To protect yourself and access the dark web, please find here:

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To get to the dark web without any problems, you need to download one of the browsers. Best known is Tor (The Onion Router), the name of which refers to the different layers of the onion and, in this case, the web. This is a version that comes very close to Firefox, with some special features and an additional layer of anonymity. Tor Browser does not offer a history or backup of your data – elements that therefore come with anonymity.

Tutorial to access it in 3 minutes

It is therefore necessary to download the browser from the Tor Project official website. Once you’re on that site, click Download Tor Browser, choose your operating system, and save the file. On the Mac, slide the browser into your Applications and open it. For Windows users, all you need to do is install the software.

In a few seconds you can securely connect to the dark network. As you can see later in this tutorial, the Tor browser is very similar to any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox). However, it does provide access to the dark web and all of the web’s hidden content.

After you’ve downloaded and then opened the Tor browser, surf the web with a browser that allows you to hide your IP address (via ExpressVPN). You can leave fewer traces of your passage while accessing URLs in .onion – this is none other than the dark web. You still have to rely on a slightly less powerful flow.

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Then you can call up the hidden wiki – a kind of Wikipedia, in which these famous URLs are summarized that are not indexed in classic search engines. That way, you can discover all the content available on the dark web.

All URLs end with .onion and cannot be accessed using a conventional browser (such as Google). You can find the topic-specific links in the Hidden Wiki. This is what the list of .onion URLs looks like. There are many forums that also list .onion URLs that can be accessed over the dark web. Often times the content can be illegal or offensive, so care must be taken.

Hidden Wiki

These links are part of the dark web. Not all of them are legal because of the services they give access to. So pay attention to the websites you visit and the files you may download. Hidden Wiki does not collect all URLs available in the dark network.

You’ll need to consult specific forums to find additional URLs that you can use to access other services. In the past few years, some of the biggest ecommerce websites have disappeared from the dark web because governments seized their servers. You need to know how to patiently search the forums to find alternatives.

The dark web is growing a lot, but you can find all sorts of things there. With increasing censorship and surveillance on the internet, the dark web has become an efficient and anonymous alternative. For the curious, it only takes a few minutes to access the hidden depths of the web. It’s very easy.

Dark Web Access Tutorial (5 Steps):

Open an account with ExpressVPN. Download the Tor browser. Open the browser and consult the hidden wiki. Surf the dark internet in peace

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