In contrast to NFTs, a generator for non-tokenizable works of art is created

In the past few months, there have been non-fungible tokens (NFT) or non-fungible tokens in French everywhere. If you are not familiar with this concept, you know that it is a trend in the world of cryptocurrencies that enables digital objects to be made unique and not replaceable or duplicable. This concept is spreading in many areas, from football to the NBA, but also increasingly in the artistic field.

Creators see NFTs as a way to easily and securely resell their work. Apart from the fact that the practice also leads to certain very questionable speculative deviations. This is the case with tokenized tweets, where users are asked to “tokenize” publications, including those that do not belong to them, in order to take possession of them.

Combat speculation in digital art

Ben Grosser, artist and professor at the University of Illinois, does not leave this effervescence unaffected. He decided to create “Tokenize This”, a platform that would generate a unique URL with a digital work of art. This is often a color-coordinated fund overlaid with a cryptographic hash. Insulting speculators, however, cannot be tokenized. If you sell this creation, the new owner will land on a blank page.

To explain his approach, Ben Grosser told our colleagues at Vice Watching with concern about the growing interest of digital artists in NFTs. While they have often created visuals primarily for fun and beauty, many are now posting their work on Twitter and judging the value of a work by commercial performance rather than quality.

He adds, somewhat annoyed, “Now I see artists removing their own URLs from their bio on Twitter and replacing them with links to Cryptoart. They turn their twitter accounts into very loud ads for these platforms related to bids, declines and sales. “.

The professor is not on his first try and is known as a critic of big tech influence. In particular, he created Facebook Demetricator, a browser extension that allows you to delete all engagement data present on the social network.

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