The controversy over the departure of two actors has resumed

It’s no secret for fans that filming the Hawaii 5-0 series has come under pressure. Two of the main characters, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, who played Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakua from Season 1 through Season 7, even ended up on the way. In the final seasons of the series, which ended in 2020, Ian Anthony Dale and Meaghan Rath joined the cast. There was actually a story of big money behind this surprising substitute, which wasn’t really narrative justified. And Daniel Dae Kim, also known for his role in Lost, didn’t hesitate to talk about it again and even to indict his former colleagues.

Hawaii 5-0, the stars and the others

When asked by Vulture, he first states that he agreed to a huge wage cut to join the series after making Lost. As the seasons went by, he would have tried to reduce the significant difference in character between himself and his on-screen partners. His goal was for all four lead actors to have the same salary by the end of season seven.

Daniel Dae Kim explains that he asked CBS to “put everyone on an equal footing. Make us this ensemble that I thought I would be with from the start. Raise my salary to the level I earned with Lost. I thought it was a reasonable position. It was very clear and simple. And then I was very transparent about it with my colleagues, with my showrunner, with the studio. But things got tense and it got much more dramatic as the negotiations did not go as planned. “

He had the support of Grace Park. For him, being two actors of Asian descent on a series in Hawaii where the American-Asian population is important should have weighed on the debate. The problem ? He didn’t have the support of two 5-0 Hawaii stars, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan.

I think whenever you have a range of actors, all of the goals are unique and individual. It is therefore difficult for me to say together whether they were allies in our cause. I know how things turned out in the end, changed my relationship with them.

Fortunately, Daniel Dae Kim has come back since then, thanks in particular to the New Amsterdam series. His colleague Grace Park is on his side for the poster for the series A Million Little Things.

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