Here is more good news for those waiting for the iPhone 13

Thanks to 5G, the iPhone 12 is selling very well. It must be said that with this model, Apple has gone out of its way to focus on several new features. So far, however, Cupertino has not followed in the footsteps of Android device makers when it comes to the screen.

While brands like Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus already offer devices with refresh rates of 120 Hz, Apple is still set to 60 Hz. However, this property has a direct impact on the user experience. The higher this rate, the smoother the animations. This is especially useful in video games.

Of course, these high rates don’t just have advantages. The higher the rate, the higher the energy consumption. To solve this problem, manufacturers use variable rates.

Essentially, the refresh rate can be up to 120 Hz if necessary. However, this rate will decrease if a lower frequency is sufficient to display the content optimally. Thus the energy consumption is limited.

Offer a high refresh rate without sacrificing autonomy

In particular, one technology called LTPO or polycrystalline low temperature oxide is mentioned regularly. This is already used by some Samsung models to offer high refresh rates with limited impact on battery life.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Apple may use this new technology this year as well. Some sources had stated that Apple would only use LTPO displays with a frequency of 120 Hz for one model. But a few days ago, analyst Ross Young denied this.

“I’ve heard rumors in the industry and in the media that there will only be one LTPO model from Apple later this year. Can confirm that it is not. Apple fans can relax, “says his post on Twitter.

We are still a few months away from the presentation of the next iPhone

But for now, of course, this is a rumor that should be viewed with caution. In any case, it is recalled that the company is already using variable refresh rate screens on the iPad Pro (which currently still use LCD screens, but not OLEDs like the one on the iPhone).

In addition, the successor to the iPhone 12 will be presented for several months (neither in September nor in October). In the meantime, we can discover the novelties on the software page in June. In fact, Apple has already set the dates for its next WWDC conference, which will launch the beta of the new version of iOS.

And this April, Apple will also be giving a keynote speech. If we don’t know at the moment what products will be featured, many sources suggest that Cupertino should lift the veil on its next generation iPad Pro.

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