Here’s what the episode 5 cameo means to Marvel

Please note that the following article contains spoilers for episode 5 of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. If you don’t want to know, it is probably better to go your own way.

We told you about it a few days before it aired. Marvel and several actors had indicated that an XXL cameo was on the program for episode 5 of the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which can be streamed on Disney +. Yes, but let’s go. After the (bad) surprise of the WandaVision cameo, which wasn’t as important as what the production suggested or what many fans judged first, we were almost cautious. So what really happened?

Falcon and the winter soldier get a TV star

The first lesson of this cameo does not directly affect the two main characters. In fact, it is John Walker, who has just been stripped of his title as Captain America, who is confronted with this new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While moping, he is confronted with a mysterious woman who pretends to be Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. To beginners, its name may not mean much. The former SHIELD spy had a particularly sentimental relationship with Nick Fury. But in the shadows she actually works for Hydra.

TV series fans will particularly recognize Julia-Louis Dreyfus, the actress best known around the world for her roles in Seinfield and Veep. Suffice it to say, it is a small screen heavyweight that is arriving in the MCU, having already seen Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision.

It remains to be seen how his arrival will affect history. Should we expect another Hydra resurgence? Those who have seen Agents of SHIELD before will know that the organization hasn’t completely disappeared after the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, since the series is not 100% canon, it is information that needs to be absorbed with a grain of salt. However, it is not crazy to believe that the Hydra organization, true to the way it operates, has rather hidden itself in order to be reborn in a different form.

Still, given the actress’s profile, we can be sure that she will return to the screen. At Marvel, some sources also tell Vanity Fair that the actress should actually have appeared in the Black Widow movie for the first time. But the plans were turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, Marvel would have great ambitions for them …

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