Huawei is accused of spying on 6.5 million Dutch people

The disputes between Huawei and the United States go back several years. However, relations deteriorated significantly when Huawei was added to the entity list in May 2019 by order of Donald Trump. Once one is on this list, a number of sanctions imposed by the US Department of Commerce imply the inability to obtain a standard authorization to perform certain actions, such as: B. to purchase certain American products, to market products in the United States, or to receive technology transfers from American companies.

To withstand the US sanctions, Huawei is relying on smart vehicles

Donald Trump justified this difficult decision with the assumption that Huawei is a member of the People’s Republic of China and that its presence on American soil poses a threat to the nation. The US government has repeatedly accused Huawei of spying on the United States on behalf of China. The Trump administration will even go so far as to strongly encourage Europe to follow suit and ban Huawei.

The Netherlands in turmoil

Although the European Commission has always refused to exclude Huawei from the 5G market, the Dutch daily De Volkskrant accuses the Chinese company of spying on 6.5 million customers of the operator KPN. De Volkskrant explains that this infiltration would even have given Huawei access to talks between the former Dutch prime minister and members of the government.

The Dutch telecom operator has been using network equipment offered by Huawei since 2009 to deliver its services across the country, as is the case with French operators such as Bouygues Telecom. The French authorities have asked the ISPs concerned to abandon the Huawei antennas by 2028.

In 2010, the operator KPN contacted the French company Capgemini to conduct an audit of its network. When KPN receives the results of this check, they are immediately ignored so as not to panic among subscribers. At this point in time one can read in a report written by KPN: “The sustainability of KPN Mobile is seriously threatened: permits could be revoked, authorities and companies could withdraw trust in KPN if it were made public that the Chinese government can do so Interception of KPN cell phone numbers and crippling the network ”.

However, that investigation has now fallen into the hands of De Volkskrant and the media no longer wanted to keep this story silent. Following the release of this report, KPN and Huawei are doing their best to defend themselves by playing the prescription card or declaring that the Shenzhen company did not steal any customer data. Be continued …

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