Lord of the Rings on Amazon: a crazy budget

It is one of the most anticipated series on streaming platforms in the years to come. Amazon hit hard with the acquisition of the rights to an adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. The teasing hasn’t stopped since then. Jeff Bezos’ company hopes to spawn the new Game of Thrones as the HBO series spin-offs begin to emerge. The streaming platform doesn’t seem to be spending much on that, if we are to believe the numbers leaked in the overall budget for the first season of the Lord of the Rings series.

The Lord of the Rings, the series of all records?

Why do these numbers provoke such a reaction? As the Ecran Large site extensively describes, it’s a lot more than what Marvel puts on the table for the Avengers. It is clear that we have a budget that is already tight in the cinema and therefore unimaginable for a series (until then). Production increased the tax credit from 20% to 25% of the budget, representing a discount of 116 million euros. That is a total budget if we keep the accounts of 464 million euros. However, this sum only affects shooting and production. Not the marketing dimension at all! And we’re talking about the cost of a single season.

Enough to send the Game of Thrones franchise back to your lovely studies. The last few seasons, however, considered expensive, do not exceed $ 100 million. Amazon therefore puts four times more money on the table. It’s also more than Avengers: Endgame ($ 356 million) or Avengers: Infinity War ($ 325 million).

The problem with all of this (from our point of view)? This is because we still don’t know how many episodes are on the program or what this series will really be talking about. It remains to be seen if the surplus will continue into Season 2, which will then be shot …

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