This app could detect the disease before the first symptoms

It’s an innovative and hopeful device. In New Zealand, border guards will be testing a new application called “Elarm”. In conjunction with connected watches and other wearables that measure physical activity such as heart rate, body temperature or oxygen saturation, a Covid-19 infection could be identified before the first symptoms appear.

According to JDD, Datamine, the company developing this new tool claims a 90% accuracy rate. Specifically, after setting the user’s credentials, the AI ​​goes into action to identify physiological changes that may indicate the onset of the disease.

Apple Watch could help diagnose covid-19

The choice of border guards for this experiment is not due to chance. Indeed, the latter are more exposed to the virus than others as they are in contact with newcomers to the area who are largely avoiding this pandemic for the time being.

Despite this success, some do not hesitate to criticize the government’s actions, as our colleagues point out. Such is the case with the Centrist Act Party, which accuses the majority of having taken ten months to test this application. It will of course be necessary to await the effectiveness of Elarm and to judge it on the basis of evidence.

As a reminder, Apple just started a study in the US to see if the Apple Watch Series 6 can predict certain respiratory diseases, including Covid-19. The oxygen sensor on the attached watch could actually help diagnose an infection. It is known that low blood oxygen levels can be a symptom of severe respiratory and heart disease.

In January last year, American scientists were able to prove that the wearable can warn of a possible infection with the coronavirus. The oxygen sensor can actually detect silent hypoxia, which is a depletion of oxygen in the blood, without the patient being aware of it. Keep in mind that Apple’s connected watch is widely recognized for its medicinal properties, and especially for diagnosing certain heart conditions.

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