TousAntiCovid will confirm your vaccination status shortly

TousAntiCovid, the contact tracking application, is coming with new features soon. The government has just announced the introduction of a carnet tool that can initially be used to detect a positive or negative test result for the coronavirus. It will then be extended to your vaccination status.

Quoted by our colleagues at BFM TV, the French authorities state the following: “TousAntiCovid-Carnet, the experiments of which will begin in the coming days, aims to, in digital form (in the application) and in a secure manner, (a) prove a negative tests or save certified positive and tomorrow certified vaccination certificate ”.

A “temporary” solution to the health crisis

To start the movement, this device is now being tested for flights to Corsica and overseas territories, where the tests have become systematic. The government then plans that this functionality will facilitate travel between the French metropolis and overseas territories “then with the other countries of the European Union”.

Reference is made here to the health passport project defended by the Commission. Revealed last month, it should allow free movement between member states from June this summer. This digital or paper document (many Europeans do not have a smartphone) must be presented during border controls.

The tool contains evidence of vaccination, cure, or negative test results. The Union states that it will be free and should not last any longer when the health crisis is over. In order to ward off criticism, EU Commissioner Thierry Breton also pointed out that “the protection and confidentiality of health data within the meaning of the GDPR will of course be guaranteed”.

Without giving further details, the leader also said that this device will be “voluntary” but not declarative. It is clear that, for example, a blood test may be required to demonstrate acquired immunity.

To date, TousAntiCovid has 14,761,608 net records, the number of people who have downloaded and activated the application since June 2nd, 2020.

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