AirTags are (finally) coming to Apple

It’s now official, Apple just launched its first AirTag this Tuesday evening. These small trackers from the Cupertino company should make it possible to find everyday objects such as keys or a backpack.

They come in the form of a small pebble with a simple apple logo on top.

These products have been heralded by many rumors for months and their arrival apparently reflects the SmartTag that Samsung offered when the Galaxy S21 was released in January last year.

For its part, Apple presents products that appear smaller. The apple brand explains that the latter can make a small tone to make it easier to locate. This is pretty similar to the well-known Apple Watch owners’ “ring” feature that lets you get your hands on your iPhone in seconds.

The AirTags are based on this idea to develop them further for all everyday objects. Since the brand was introduced to the apple tonight, it’s actually possible (on iPhones with a U1 chip) to use their phone to guide you to find their AirTag and the item attached to it. An arrow and space are displayed on the screen to guide the user as easily as possible.

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“AirTags track objects, not people”

Logically, Apple wanted to talk about confidentiality and data security from the AirTag presentation. As the Apple brand continues to make efforts to keep its users’ data private, it announced that the location information used by AirTags will not even be shared with Apple.

AirTags for just $ 29

One of the last unknowns at the start of this conference of the brand on the apple remained the price that the company would put on the AirTag. These entirely new products still have no value in this emerging tracker market, and the price estimates that may have been posted on the internet have ranged from three to three. Eventually, the apple brand decided to make their product very accessible starting at a starting price of $ 29. Apple also stated that the brand will be bringing out a bundle of 4 AirTags for just $ 99.

If Apple has not given any information about the availability of the product in France at the moment, the company has announced that reservations will open this Friday with first shipments for April 30th.

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