Bots promote the Super League on Twitter

The world of the round ball has been in turmoil since Sunday. Indeed, twelve major European clubs have announced the creation of a Super League. Among them we find the crème de la crème of football: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan or AC Milan. A conflict has started between these giants and UEFA. The teams are thus threatened with exclusion from their respective national championships, while their players could no longer participate in international competitions.

“The Super League is a good idea that will revolutionize football.”

The bots all answer … “The Super League is a good idea and will revolutionize football”

– Rob Harris (@RobHarris) April 19, 2021

The confrontation therefore logically ignites social networks. In this battle, the twelve clubs are supported by thousands of bots repeating the same message over and over again. As determined by RMC Sport, they can be identified by the following message in English:

The Super League is a good idea that will revolutionize football. I speak on behalf of everyone by saying YES to the European Super League.

Such a formal tone does not seem to be really spontaneous. Our colleagues mentioned the possibility that communication agencies would be mobilized on this occasion to support the message of these great teams against UEFA and FIFA.

While it is always difficult to measure the impact of such a strategy, it obviously seems difficult to bear fruit. Players, supporters and executives have also spoken out in favor of denouncing this project, like PSG midfielder Ander Herrera, who wanted to rant on Twitter: “I love football, but I can’t be silent on this point, I believe in an improved Champions League but not in this devastation by the realms of popular football, which is nothing but the most beautiful sport in the world. “”

Overall, his words were supported by fans, but ironically, the bots also got around to clubbing the Pro Super League language element under his post.

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