Despite all the adversities, Apple is rehabilitating the Parler social network

For more than three months, the riots at the Capitol have pushed former United States President Donald Trump off social media. In early January, the real witch hunt didn’t end with his fall. For the application “Speak”, a social network that claims to be much less strict in its moderation than Facebook and Twitter, the consequences were just as tragic.

Google, Apple and Amazon have decided “without consultation” to ban Parler after the popularity of moderation on social networks rose sharply in early January. For this application born in 2018, the fault is a very free freedom of expression policy. Because of his non-moderation, supporters of Donald Trump had sought refuge in large numbers and banned from other platforms.

Google and Apple had removed the app from their respective Play Store and App Store, and Amazon had infiltrated by removing Parler’s servers from AWS (Amazon Web Services), its host.

Speak again on the App Store

All of this had plunged the growing social network into a very significant coma of the current climate of temperance. We gave an editorial on January 10th: “Talking, the last kick in the anthill”, based on an observation: If social networks don’t moderate, others will moderate them.

As important and serious as these decisions are, they still hide a certain irony. Apple announced on Monday April 19 that it would reverse its previous decision. Two days before a hearing on its app store guidelines, the company has decided to reinstate Parler in its application store. It will again be possible to download the social network on iOS. Google still rejects it.

Future users will find something close to the application they left in January. However, Apple wanted to add a little instruction: a configuration button that would allow users to add filters based on topics they consider “undesirable” and for which they want to be excluded. Enough to welcome a larger community because it is more subdivided.

Go ahead, UFO

Depending on the political recovery, Parler may have enough to act as the UFO of social platforms on the issue of moderation. Today, particularly in the United States with Article 230 of the Communication Ethics Act, a lively debate about the policy of moderating platforms to do too much (Republican majority) or too little (Republican majority) depends on Democrats thought).

Conversations were important to show that the debate, especially on the internet, cannot be settled between two parties debating the exact middle ground of moderation to their advantage. The talking was extreme, but his fall showed that the debate was on the wrong aim: the internet may not be free, but social networks don’t rule. Stronger than them (in this case Google, Apple and Amazon) can take power over decisions.

Since February Parler has found a youth on the Internet by opening a new server. It would “build on a sustainable and independent technology and does not depend on the so-called” Big Tech “for its operation,” reported the Medien-Engadget at the time. The return of availability on the App Store will be a much more effective revitalization as some of the 15 million users in the past have been connected to the platform on their iPhone.

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