Dr. Octopus will be back in the next Spider-Man movie

The next Spider-Man should seriously look like an alumni get-together. The film is expected (theoretically) for December 17, 2021, so it could bring together some of the actors who have played Spider-Man in the past, possibly Netflix’s Daredevil, but also J. Jonah Jameson or even Electro (played by Jamie Foxx in ) The Amazing Spider-Man: The Fate of a Hero. A new name has now been added to this list which is almost certain now that he has just confirmed it himself. This is Alfred Molina who played Doctor Octopus in Oct-Man 2.

Spider-Man before the Elders of the Multiverse?

His name was already circulating emphatically in the trade press and in fan communities. Until then, however, Marvel and Sony refused to officially comment on the information. But, when asked by Variety, the actor ate the assignment, stressing that he was “ordered not to talk about it”. But for him it is now “Hollywood’s worst kept secret”.

Doctor Octopus was dead (at least in theory) by the end of Sam Raimi’s film. Although he was initially vicious in this film, he sacrificed himself to save the city in a moment of clarity.

It was wonderful and very interesting to come back 17 years later to play the same role again as I got a double chin and crow’s feet with an increasingly questionable lower back in the meantime.

If that statement confirms that he will take on the same role again and therefore it won’t be an easy wink for fans, it is still unclear how far his role will go or whether he will be a good guy or a bad guy. One thing is certain, this film is becoming a true “all-star” of Spider-Man. In fact, it is likely that not everything has been filtered out yet. See you in a few months to find out more …

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