Facebook is adopting the audio format with podcasts, a clubhouse clone, and soundbites

In recent years, the audio format has increased. Google decided to launch its Podcasts application to promote podcasts on Android. Spotify has also invested heavily in podcasts, so their platform only hosts music. And in 2020 audio fairs such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces were launched.

We have known for some time that Facebook is also interested in the audio format. And this week the number one social network finally decided to present its projects. This one sees the big picture as he intends to host podcasts in his application, to compete with Clubhouse with audio rooms, but also to propose a new form of release called Soundbites, which is kind of equivalent to TikTok, but only with audio.

Podcasts come on Facebook

Nobody saw it coming. However, given the popularity of podcasts, it makes perfect sense that Facebook would like to become a platform for these shows as well.

In addition, Facebook reminds that many users of the social network are already following the news of their favorite podcasts through Facebook pages. Previously, however, you had to quit the social network application to hear the episodes.

Soon, however, the developers will be able to integrate their podcasts on Facebook so that followers can listen to the episodes without leaving the app.

Podcast on Facebook. © Facebook

“In the coming months, you will be able to listen to podcasts directly in the Facebook app, both via the app and in the background. And since it’s still difficult to find the podcasts you love, it’s easy to find new podcasts and episodes that match your interests, comment on them, and recommend them to your friends. And podcast creators can reach and connect with new listeners right in the Facebook application, ”explains Fidji Simo, the manager of the Facebook application.

This product has enormous potential as, according to Facebook, 170 million people are already connected to podcast pages on the social network. And 35 million users are members of groups devoted to listening to podcasts.

Live audio rooms: a clubhouse equivalent on Facebook

This was more predictable as Mark Zuckerberg had already shown his interest in Clubhouse. Soon it will also be possible to interact with other members of the social network in audio rooms called Live Audio Rooms.

Live audio room. © Facebook

This equivalent to Clubhouse on Facebook should allow the creation of audio lounges that focus on topics through groups or influencer pages. However, the company also intends to incorporate this new functionality into Messenger so that users can organize lounges with friends.

Facebook states that as a first step, these audio shows will be tested out loud. And later this summer, the feature is expected to be available to all users.

Soundbites: A feature reminiscent of TikTok, but only with audio

Facebook also announces Soundbites, another medium that uses the audio format. The special thing about it is that it allows you to share short posts. According to the company, these are “creative audio clips in short form to capture anecdotes, jokes, inspiring moments, poems and much more that we have not yet imagined”. The number one social network will be testing Soundbites within a few months in collaboration with developers.

Soundbites. © Facebook

To help users produce high quality audio content, Facebook also wants to offer some tools. “Just like with photos and videos, we want everyone to have tools that are powerful for the professionals, yet intuitive and fun – like a sound studio in their pocket. We have invested in audio technologies such as speech-text and speech morphing for a long time and will make these available in an audio creation tool directly in the Facebook application, ”explains Fidji Simo.

For example, Facebook will offer an ambient noise removal tool so that the recordings are of better quality regardless of the conditions under which the user is recording their voice. And to make the audio format more fun, Facebook should also offer effects.

All Facebook audio products are connected. It will be easy to create a podcast episode from a living room audio recording. If you’re listening to a trade show or podcast, you can also share an example on Soundbites. In addition, Facebook is already planning to create a tab for the audio format where all these new experiences can be centralized.

And when it comes to monetization, Facebook says it’s already thinking about it. “The only way this will all work in the long run is to allow developers to make money from their efforts. That’s why we offer audio developers several opportunities during the start-up to develop their business and at the same time pursue their passion, ”assures the person responsible for the Facebook application.

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