how the government wants to fight fraud

The French government has just announced that TousAntiCovid now has a feature called “Carnet”. The latter enables proof of the positive or negative result of a screening test for Covid-19. Fraud is widespread in this area and therefore certain services offer sufficiently convincing forgeries when inspected.

Yesterday the authorities clarified the operating mode of TousAntiCovid-Carnet, which could make it possible to fight fraud more effectively. Specifically, and from this week onwards, all PCR and antigen tests carried out in France are certified. As reported by Le Figaro, the health organizations will report the results back to the SI-DEP system managed by the health insurance company. These are then returned to the patient. This includes a “data matrix”, a two-dimensional, high-density barcode that is supposedly tamper-proof and can then be recorded in the TousAntiCovid app or printed on a paper document.

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The sanitary pass is not used in shops

Currently, this device is only available for testing, but vaccination certificates will be authenticated starting April 29th. The principle will be the same again and proof of vaccination will be provided, which can then be integrated into your app or transported in a paper version.

This system will be used from this summer for trips between the different countries of the European Union, but also for trips to French overseas territories. However, the government refuses to use them in restaurants, bars, or even cinemas. Foreign Minister Cédric O, who is responsible for digital change, quoted our colleagues as saying: “The government does not provide a health pass for companies.” On the other hand, this tool can be used in places with a high concentration of people such as concerts, shows or festivals.

TousAntiCovid, introduced as a simple contact tracking tool to help prevent the pandemic from spreading, continues to grow. It contains, among other things, information on the key figures of the epidemic at national and local level and also enables the creation of exit certificates. The app currently has 14,837,264 net records, the number of people who have downloaded and activated the app since June 2, 2020.

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