The number of downloads drops by 72% and the application is empty

Do you remember when the clubhouse was all the rage? Because it seems today that the platform is attracting far fewer new users. In February, when Clubhouse was booming, the application, which (for the time being …) was exclusively available for iOS, was downloaded over 9.5 million times. A month later, the results are no longer as encouraging. In March the clubhouse was downloaded only 2.7 million times, 72% fewer than in February.

In other words, Clubhouse has released almost the same numbers so far as it did in January when few people knew about this new concept. It must be said that this application, which was born during the first delivery, had great difficulties. The application, widely used by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Slack, Discord and many others, no longer arouses interest from its users, as most of the already established social networks offer or will offer a similar concept.

Clubhouse, is it over yet?

Clubhouse, however, does everything in its power to keep its audience. Recently, the application released a new feature that allows you to make donations to landlords. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be enough, you can see it with your own eyes, the app has become particularly empty. Nowadays it is sometimes even complicated to find rooms in French, even the startup feed that was particularly active in this network is no longer.

It must be said that not only has the clubhouse application been plagiarized in abundance, it also does not seem very sophisticated in terms of security. Recently, the American media, CyberNews, announced that the personal information of more than one million clubhouse users was stolen by malicious actors.

However, if a month ago we were wondering if the clubhouse wasn’t already dead, the answer is not as simple as one might think. To this day, Clubhouse is collecting the negative factors that could cost him his death, but the app seems to have more than one trick up its sleeve. Yesterday Clubhouse ran a fundraiser that valued this company at $ 4 billion. The clubhouse may still be in its infancy.

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