Xiaomi products at discounted prices on eBay thanks to this coupon code

It’s the Mi Fan Festival on eBay! As part of this operation, which will end tomorrow, April 21, the dealer has many offers related to the Xiaomi brand. This is an opportunity for you to see huge savings on multiple products. Smartphones are obviously in the spotlight, this is the case with the new Redmi Note 10 or its predecessor, the Redmi Note 9. There are also other discounts for vacuum cleaners (classic or standalone), as well as a TV, screen or wireless headphones. Delivery is free of charge for all products advertised during this event.

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As part of the Mi Fan Festival, eBay presents offers that can be up to -15% depending on the product. To benefit from this, you must enter the code PRIMIFAN21 after you have placed the relevant item in your shopping cart. Discounts can reach 50 euros with a minimum order of 10 euros. The number of promotional items is limited, which means that stock levels can appear before the official end of the event. If you are interested in a device, you shouldn’t wait too long.

Which Xiaomi products are offered on eBay?

Several Xiaomi references are offered on eBay. It’s hard not to mention the brand’s smartphones as the manufacturer continues to take up more space in the global phone market. In Europe and France, the public is being won over by these accessible and efficient devices. Xiaomi formalized the Redmi brand a few years ago. The goal was to offer affordable smartphones and be solid at the same time. These are therefore entry-level models … Apart from the fact that most of them are entitled to certain features that are specific to the mid-range. Users reacted to the point that 200 million Redmi have been sold worldwide, it’s a real tidal wave.

Since the Redmi range is very popular, all releases of the new ranges are eagerly awaited by the public every year. Xiaomi lifted the veil on the Redmi Note 10 generation a few weeks ago, and all models are already very promising. The standard smartphone in this series is already being advertised on eBay during the Mi Fan Festival. With the promo code, the price drops to 178 euros instead of 210 euros for the 64 GB version.

It’s an entry-level smartphone with very solid technical performance. In addition to its beautiful 6.43-inch screen with a small notch for the selfie camera, it is entitled to a quadruple photo module with a 48Mpx main sensor. On the photo side, no Xiaomi competitor can do so well for this price. The phone comes with a solid 5000 mAh battery for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 processor. It is one of the best smartphones in its class and perfectly meets the expectations of everyday use. In addition to the Redmi Note 10, eBay presents another offer for the Redmi Note 9. This predecessor also offers great features at an even cheaper price.

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Xiaomi is also making a name for itself in the vacuum cleaner market. The brand offers more classic models, but also stand-alone devices. This is the case with the Robot Vacuum Mop Pro, a robotic vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop up. It’s very simple, with this model you no longer have to worry about cleaning your floor. It is possible to control the device directly via the dedicated mobile application (iOS and Android).

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If you prefer a more classic device, the Xiaomi Mi G9 Vacuum is also available on eBay for this Mi Fan Festival. It has an autonomy of up to 60 minutes, which should be more than enough to clean in one go by selecting the power among the three cleaning modes. It is possible to turn the model into a handheld vacuum cleaner that runs over all surfaces (sofa, car seats, etc.). The device currently costs less than 200 euros.

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For this process, eBay also highlights the excellent 55-inch Xiaomi TV. Other products such as the Smart TV Stick or the 43-inch Xiaomi Monitor Screen, which will satisfy any professional or gambler, are also eligible for huge discounts.

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The Mi Fan Festival is a great opportunity to make big savings on eBay. All of these products fall under the eBay customer guarantee. The latter allows a refund within 48 hours if the purchase does not go as planned (non-compliant item or not received).

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