A redesign of the Windows 10 Store in the pipeline?

When Microsoft started Windows 10, this operating system was given a memory of applications that were similar to those of Android or iOS. But today it is clear that when Windows 10 finally became the most widely used version of Windows, its store did not have the expected success.

This can be attributed to several factors. First, in terms of content, many applications are missing in this store. In addition, the interface leaves a lot to be desired. And sometimes we are entitled to errors and slow operations.

However, Microsoft hasn’t given up on this store yet. And according to an article published this week by Windows Central, quoting a source familiar with the matter, Redmond is even planning to redesign that business.

This could be available before the end of the year and be linked to the Sun Valley project. Rumor has it that this is a Windows 10 update project that is expected to bring many user interface improvements.

What will change in the Windows 10 Store?

According to Windows Central sources, a new user interface is planned for the Windows 10 Store. It should be more intuitive and put more emphasis on content recognition.

In terms of content, Microsoft could accept more apps in this store and relax the rules. In particular, Microsoft could “allow developers to submit unpackaged Win32 applications to the store”. Developers could also host their apps and post their updates on their own CDNs. In addition, developers would no longer be required to use Microsoft’s transaction system (the Redmond company would therefore give up its commissions).

Some developers who have not offered their apps through the Windows Store due to these restrictions may change their minds, which will allow the store to offer more content. And it could finally become the number one target for Windows 10 users when looking for an app that can be installed.

But for now, of course, this is unofficial information. And that’s why caution is always advisable.

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