A Saint-Etienne startup is 3D printing surgical tools in hospitals

In addition to being a legendary football club, Saint Etienne is the capital of design and much more. The Loire Prefecture is also home to Medintown, a particularly promising startup founded by Jérôme Prêcheur in 2020. The goal of this startup? Introduce surgical tool design right into the heart of hospitals.

To do this, Jérôme Prêcheur relies on 3D printing, a solution that is increasingly present in the healthcare sector. Mr. Prêcheur sees 3D printing as an essential technology in the development of surgery. While most startups that are already using 3D printing for the hospital sector have huge space to store their machines, Jérôme Prêcheur brings a different vision with Medintown.

Medintown, as close as possible to the operation

The founder of Medintown explains, “I don’t need to create large structures for 3D printing. You have to do that in small factories. “In the age of cloud computing and all its variations, this company is able to design a product as close as possible to its final destination. To date, Medintown has managed to manufacture essential medical devices to guide surgeons through the bodies of their patients.

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In other words, the Saint-Etienne startup does not design objects to be integrated into the human body, but devices to help the surgeon during the operation. These are tools specially designed for the patient’s anatomy and therefore have a very short lifespan. It is therefore important to be able to produce these ultra-personalized products continuously. Hence the importance of Medintown and its proximity to hospitals.

Jérôme Prêcheur imagines this proximity thanks to a micro-factory installed in a kind of container as close as possible to the hospital center. To date, Medintown is working on a first version of a micro-factory that uses an old refrigerated container to store the necessary machinery.

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