Amazon opens barber shop in London

As we know, Amazon has a wide variety of skills, but I never could have believed that a company founded by Jeff Bezos would be interested in hairdressing. However, the first Amazon Salon just opened in London’s East End Spitalfields. Obviously, Amazon is not used to entering a new market like everyone else.

If it is indeed a hair salon, the Seattle company has expanded its office using the latest technology envisioned by its teams. At Amazon Salon, for example, customers can use an augmented reality-based solution to know what they’re going to look like before they finally dye their hair. This feature also allows you to simulate your appearance with multiple haircuts before making your final decision.

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Amazon, a new giant in the fashion and beauty industry?

Rest assured, robots aren’t taking care of your cut. The company does not want to dominate the hairdressing world with Amazon Salon. This salon makes it easy to test new technologies that can help hairdressers with their duties in the future. In a blog post, Amazon explains: “This will be an experimental place where we will introduce new products and technologies. There are currently no plans to open further Amazon Salon locations. “

It also looks like a major marketing stunt as Amazon increasingly seeks to break into the fashion and beauty market. In the same article, the company recalls the recent opening of its Amazon Professional Beauty Store section, a mini marketplace that, as the name suggests, caters to beauty professionals. Also note that the giant launched a “personal shopper” solution last September for less than $ 5 a month.

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