Apple’s (big) announcements not to be missed

The announcement of a new keynote on April 20, 2021 had revived the rumor machine. The least we can say is that Apple didn’t disappoint.

To celebrate spring, the “Spring Loaded” keynote gave Apple the opportunity to honor its M1 chip, the first of the “Apple Silicon” era. There are no fewer than five announcements on the agenda, including four really significant innovations and two products that run on the M1 chip. We take stock.

iPad Pro M1: almost a MacBook

© Apple

Of all the products presented, the new iPad Pro M1 12.9 ” is probably the most attractive. Not because of its design, which is identical to previous generations, but because of two important developments.

The first is called M1. Like the Macs introduced in the last quarter of 2020, the iPad Pro 2021 also contains the brand new Apple silicon chip. This makes this new generation of Apple tablets by far the most powerful on the market.

In a few numbers, this iPad Pro M1 is 50% faster than the previous generation. The CPU is 75 times more powerful than that of the first iPad. The GPU is 1,500 times more powerful! The iPad Pro M1 even competes with PCs as well as the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M1.

With the 12.9-inch model, Apple monitors content creators on the go. The iPad Pro can now do it all with the added bonus of a soaring screen. Because the other big novelty is the Liquid Retina XDR panel, which is based on mini LED technology and promises a breathtaking display quality.

There is also 5G connectivity, a Thunderbolt-compatible USB-C port, a new 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera with center stage (subject tracking during the video) and up to 2 TB of storage space.

Pre-orders: April 30, 2021
Availability: May 2021 (2nd half)
Price: from € 799 for the 11 ” version / from € 1099 for the 12.9 ” model

iMac M1: colorful

© Apple

We (almost) didn’t see this one coming. A few days before the Apple conference, rumors of a possible iMac M1 had intensified. But not enough to be sure they’ll be revealed on April 20th. Finally, Apple invited its iconic desktop computer to the party.

A colorful party as the iMac M1 comes in 7 colors, each of which is more eye-catching than the other (with the exception of the classic gray). Like the rest of Apple computers, the iMac therefore integrates the M1 chip with all of its associated value proposition.

Apple specifically took the opportunity to review the design of the iMac. It’s thinner than ever (thanks to a new ventilation system) and displays a 4.5K Liquid Retina 24-inch screen, but retains the same dimensions as the previous-generation 21-inch model.

Make no mistake, the new iMac M1 hasn’t just changed its look. Many technical improvements are hidden behind the screen. The Face ID camera now sees life in Full HD and inherits the processing algorithms of the iPhone (face recognition, noise reduction, sound mapping).

The audio is evolving as well and seems to follow the same process as the MacBook Pro 16 (yet to be confirmed). 6 speakers under the screen send a powerful and clear sound that Apple promises. Everything is compatible with Spatial Audio, an algorithm for transmitting 360 ° sound already used with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

The iMac M1 comes with all new keyboards and mice (also very colorful) including a Magic keyboard with Touch ID. Last detail: the charger has an ethernet port. Clever.

Pre-orders: April 30, 2021
Availability: May 2021 (2nd half)
Price: from 1449 €

Apple TV 4K and its new remote control

© Apple

Apple TV occupies an important place in the Apple ecosystem. It has also established itself as by far the most complete and intuitive TV box on the market.

To maintain its lead, Apple has unveiled the Apple TV 4K, a new version of its famous box. Thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, HDR and Dolby Vision content can now be displayed at high frequencies. You can now view pictures taken with the latest iPhone in the best quality on your TV.

A new feature allows you to automatically adjust the colorimetry using the iPhone’s Face ID sensors. The brand promises the certainty that content will always be displayed with the best colorimetry.

The new Apple TV 4K comes with a new remote control. The Siri remote control (also compatible with the previous Apple TV and Apple TV HD) uses the aluminum design (here 100% recycled) of the old boxes. The special Siri button is on the edge, the main button is also tactile. A Proust madeleine for those who knew the first generation of iPods.

Pre-orders: April 30, 2021
Availability: May 2021
Price: € 199 in the 32 GB version, € 229 in the 64 GB version / Siri Remote: € 65

Finally AirTag!

© Apple

We were scared to see them end up like the AirPower, after all, the AirTags are a reality. Like Samsung’s Smart Tags, AirTags promise to quickly find the objects (bag, keys, wallet, etc.) they’re attached to.

Apple never does things like everyone else, it has insisted on protecting AirTags users’ data. In summary, it can be said that no information is passed on to third parties or to Apple itself.

Using an AirTag couldn’t be easier. Once we’ve attached an item, we’ll add it to our ecosystem using the My Find application. You can then ring it to find it, or even follow an arrow path from the iPhone (assuming it contains a U1 chip) to find that famous lost item.

Pre-orders: April 30, 2021
Availability: May 2021
Price: 35 € per unit / 119 € per pack of 4 / Éditions Hermès from 299 €

But still…

© Apple

In addition to these four major announcements, Apple also unveiled a new iPhone 12. Technically identical to the other models, it is only distinguished by its new purple color.

Finally, the American announced the imminent arrival (in May) of a complete overhaul of its Apple Podcasts application. In addition to its new graphics charter, which is more ergonomic and intuitive (it was needed), the Apple Podcasts application will be welcoming its first paid content. Users can access exclusive content, bonuses or special programs for a monthly subscription.

Tim Cook also took advantage of this great spring unpack to commemorate Apple’s environmental commitments. It promises to have a neutral carbon footprint by 2030, and it prides itself on Apple’s progress every year. If it remains “the least worst” in the industry, the American is still a long way from being a model of ecology. Use spring to talk about the environment, yes. But not by announcing a range of high-tech products on the same day. Greenwashing if you hold us tight.

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