Apps are put to sleep to save storage space

Every year, Google offers a comprehensive update for the Android operating system. In addition to the new features that are visible to the user, the operating system also benefits from improved performance. This year the new version of Android will be Android 12.

A stable version will not be available until the second half of 2021. However, like every year, Google is already offering a preview of Android 12 so developers can prepare for the changes.

In addition, information on new products that have not yet been announced is published regularly. For example, our colleagues at XDA Developers this week developed a new feature for Android 12 that puts applications to sleep that are not in use.

An app hibernates if it has not been used for a long time

Currently, if an Android app is not used for a long time, the operating system will revoke the permissions that were granted to that app (such as microphone and camera access) to protect user privacy and prevent data from being collected Apps that are no longer used.

And according to XDA, Google wants to expand this functionality to improve performance. Basically the idea is to put those unused apps to sleep by deleting the temporary files associated with those apps. In addition, applications that are idle can no longer send notifications to the smartphone.

Note that deleting temporary files in unused apps doesn’t save a lot of space. However, on entry-level devices with very little storage space, this new feature could significantly improve the user experience.

But for the moment, of course, this is just a rumor. And that’s why caution is always advisable.

XDA has reportedly found evidence of this new feature in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). And recently, the site could have activated it on a leaked Android version as well.

Currently, app hibernation is not available for the previously released Android 12 previews. And it is possible that it will not be offered in the next preview version. Still, XDA believes that Google should offer this feature for the stable version that will be released in a few months.

We’ll learn more about the new features of Android 12 at the Google I / O conference in May.

As a reminder, Google has already published the Android 12 development plan. According to the previews in February, March and April, the first beta will be released in May. Two more betas will be released in July and July. Then a final beta will be released in August, which comes close to the stable version.

Also note that the 2021 edition will be in May if the 2020 Google I / O conference was canceled due to the health crisis, but virtual. This event gives the company the opportunity to showcase the novelties of its ecosystem. And it is certain that the new features of Android 12 will be among the main announcements.

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