Discord is ending talks with Microsoft after finding a better solution

Discord is without a doubt one of the hottest tech companies out there. The VoIP and instant messaging platform was originally developed for gamers and has been trying for some time to blur this exclusive image by opening up to many other areas. The company’s advancements are such that more and more eyes are on the company, especially Microsoft’s.

In March last year, we learned that Microsoft would be ready to spend $ 10 billion to buy Discord. In addition, not only Microsoft would be interested, as Epic Games or even Amazon would be included in the file. Even so, the situation seems to have changed a lot, at least over time, so the Wall Street Journal has just announced that the discussions between Microsoft and Discord have ceased.

Micrsoft and Discord, it’s already over

While Microsoft’s $ 10 billion offer was more than Discord’s real value, the company has reportedly decided to consider making a takeover bid in the future. This solution could be even more lucrative for Discord, which has been hugely successful since the pandemic began. The monthly user base has even doubled and now reaches 140 million active users.

Discord, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or even its direct competitor Slack, has seen a real boom in the past few months. We could have quoted Clubhouse, but the context is not exactly the same. Clubhouse is an application that, unlike the above, saw the light of day during the first delivery. Very quickly, this iOS-exclusive application was a huge hit, despite a huge lack of interest observed over the past few weeks. The app reportedly saw a 72% decrease in downloads in one month.

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