Facebook mistakenly sends an email and may regret it

An internal Facebook email was accidentally sent to a Belgian journalist earlier this week. The latter returned to the data leak from 533 million users of the social network earlier this month, revealing the group’s overall communications strategy and position on this increasingly common scourge.

Unfortunately, Facebook seems to be more concerned with the media impact of the case than the issues that affected users may face. The email in question took stock of the situation and confirmed that social discussions and journalistic articles about the data breach had declined sharply in recent days.

In the last part of the document, Facebook’s position generated a lot of reactions. It would be important for the social network to “normalize” these mishaps in the future. The company recognizes that other privacy concerns impact web platforms, including its own. The Data News internal email is as follows:

“In the long term, however, we expect more such recovery incidents to occur and we believe it is important to make this an industry-wide problem and standardize the fact that this activity is happening regularly,” says Facebook.

The email that Facebook accidentally sent to a journalist © Data News

Facebook’s uncomfortable point of view

In addition to the earlier paragraphs of the rather delusional email message on this topic, this part about the future of data leaks will be of concern to users. In other words, Facebook recognizes that personal information stored on the social network is not secure and fully protected. And the group says we should be able to change how users view the matter in order to “normalize” the picture of data leaks on the web.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mistakenly sent email also stated that Facebook’s only answer to these issues would come from its communication. The FAQ platform, the answers in the various media and blog articles make it possible “to normalize the fact that this type of problem exists and to avoid criticism that we are not transparent about certain incidents”, we read in the mail.

Here is an edited screenshot of the full email accidentally attached to a press request FB sent to established Belgian journalist @Pieterjanvl. pic.twitter.com/ME2piYHqC6

– Inti De Ceukelaire (@intidc) April 20, 2021

In parallel with media coverage, Facebook must continue to watch out for the various investigations that state authorities have launched after the recent mishap. In 2019, the social network had already fallen victim to hackers twice, as personal data was lost in September and December. 419 and 267 million users were involved.

In Ireland, the Data Protection Commission has launched an investigation under EU regulations. Facebook has the status of a “controller” of its data and is therefore faced with a number of responsibilities that the incident in early April could counteract. To see if this is enough for the group to work on their safety and not their communication.

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