the “most compact” instant camera in the world

It has now been a few years since the Polaroid group took pleasure in taking us back decades. Today Polaroid combines nostalgia with miniaturization with its brand new creation: Polaroid Go. It is, in fact, a mini camera that claims to be the smallest device of its kind.

The smallest instant camera in the world

The Polaroid Go device fits in every pocket and shows dimensions of only 10 x 7 cm for about 250 grams on the scale. An ultra-compact template with which this camera can offer both modern and retro instant photos on a specific paper, the Polaroid Go film, 6.6 x 5.3 cm. It takes approximately fifteen minutes between when the picture is taken and the photo is developed.

The new Polaroid GO has a 750 mAh battery that is obviously USB rechargeable. There’s also a little mirror that lets you take the essential selfies, a flash, not to mention a self-timer or a feature that allows for a double exposure. According to Design Director Polaroid: “The internal components of the camera are arranged like a three-dimensional Tetris and carefully put together to achieve a simple, unconstrained appearance and offer the smallest possible instant camera.”

Keep in mind that Polaroid already has vintage-style instant cameras. However, this is the first time the group has launched a model as compact as this Go, designed to be slipped in a pocket or pouch next to your smartphone.

Prices and availability

This new Polaroid Go camera is now available for pre-order from the brand’s official website. Availability is scheduled for April 27th. On the price side, it takes € 134.99 to afford the Polaroid Go and a 16-film cassette, or € 119 for the camera alone.

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